Walnut Oil Extraction Machine

Our TZS30 walnut oil extraction machine is a newly developed advanced combined oil press machine which is includes oil press, oil filters in one single machine. It is practically designed to process walnut seed, whereas it can also process other oil bearing materials like peanuts, sesame pretty well.

Walnut Oil Extraction Machine

walnut oil extraction machine

The walnut oil extraction machine is light-weight and easy to operate. It may possibly automatically extract and filter the vegetable oil at the same time, with a excessive rate of walnut oil production and better oil yield. The residue of the walnut can be used as environment friendly fertilizer or instruction. All parts of the walnut oil express can be dismantled, set up, as well as held effortlessly. Raw material quantities of 0.2-0.4kg are permitted to be fed into the oil press when the machine is hot. Normally, you can find four most important parts in the walnut oil extraction machine, they can be oil press machine, oil filter, feeder and electrical cabinet.

Specifications of the Walnut Oil Extraction Machine

Production Capacity
Dry Cake Residue
Net Weight
15 - 20 kg/h
156 kg
700×700×1200 mm

Quality Guarantee Terms and conditions
Quality ensure term is regarding twelve months. Any sort of damaged that are caused by machines-self and quality can be dependable for we self. Other problems which in turn are instigated by operating errors, man-made troubles, etc will probably be dependable for clients.

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