Cooking Oil Pressing Machine

YZS-100 sprial-type oil press machine is a very good cooking oil pressing machine. It is suitable for pressing edible and biodiesel oil from rape seed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, sunflower seed, tung oil seed and many other vegetable oil crops. This cooking oil pressing machine has the advantages of low investment, simple matching, easy maintenance, strong adaptability and high efficiency of oil production, etc.
This cooking oil pressing machine is in accordance with the standard JB/T9793.1-1999 for cooking oil pressing machine for farm use.

Specification of Cooking Oil Pressing Machine

6YL-100 cooking oil pressing machine

  • Capacity: 4.5-5T/24h (Rape seed)
  • Output Efficiency: 68-92%
  • Power: 7.5kw-1440rpm
  • Size: 1860 x 550 x 695mm
  • Weight: 480kg

Raw Material
Capacity (kg/hr) Output Rate (%) Cake Residual (%)
Rape Seeds Hot Pressing 150-170 30-38 7.5-8
Cold Pressing 75-95 28-35  
Peanut Hot Pressing 150-185 35-45 7
Cold Pressing 45-65 32-40  
Bean Hot Pressing 145-160 10-14 6.5-7
Cold Pressing 70-105 8-14  
Seame Hot Pressing 150-170 44-47 6.5-7.5
Cotton Seeds Cold Pressing 85-105 10-14  


Cooking Oil Pressing Machine With Diesel Engine

The cooking oil pressing machine also can be matched using diesel engine. The following picture shows the combined oil pressing machine, thermostat, generator and diesel engine.

6YL-100 cooking oil pressing machine-with diesel motor and generator

This combined cooking oil pressing machine is used by many customers. The power for the generator, then the generator can offer the electricity for the control cabinet and heating pipe in the cooking oil pressing machine.

Features of the Cooking Oil Pressing Machine

  • Capacity: 5t/24h (Rape seed)
  • Power: 15H
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